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Clock in Station

How it Works

By working with a virtual assistant or virtual employee, you get the office support you need without the expense or headaches of adding a new employee to your payroll. Think of me as a highly qualified temp who doesn't mind working odd hours. 


Don't let the virtual part fool you - the support is real and the benefits are many. From my home office, I provide experienced support without any of the things a traditional employee would require. I work at my office using my computer, telephone and general office supplies. Plus, you only pay for the hours that you need!


Best of all, you receive invoices for services just like any other vendor. I pay my own taxes and do not require any other "per employee" considerations.

How to Get Started

Call, Text or Email to Request a Free Consultation

If you have a very defined project, this consultation may be very quick and easy. You can tell me a little about the project and the date you need the project completed. Once I determine an estimate of the hours I will need to devote to your project, I can provide you with an estimate.


On the other hand, a lot of people are unsure as to the best way to leverage offsite support and that is ok! During our consultation, we can discuss you ... your business or family, how you like to work, your general hours and your specific administrative needs. We can then work together to determine what tasks are best delegated off your to-do list.  


I will provide a proposal

Your custom plan may be a simple time and hourly rate schedule with a list of initial tasks or it may detail your specific project and milestone dates. Once you agree to the proposal, we can get started.


I get to work

All of my time is tracked very carefully and you will be billed based upon our arrangement, usually monthly. Update emails or calls will happen on schedule and there will be plenty of opportunities for feedback.

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An Extra Hour
Valerie Savin
Owner & Virtual Assistant

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